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BURGAS Specialised Eye Hospital is the only specialised eye hospital in Southeast Bulgaria. The established team of specialists performs multispectral activities – precise diagnostics, laser and surgical treatment of eye diseases. Consultations and operations are provided by the leading specialists in our country.

Use of latest technologies and equipment is one of our priorities, so that our patients can rely on high-quality medical care, same as the care received by patients of leading European medical centres.

What is different and new in the philosophy of the hospital is the so called ‘patient in the centre’ model. Method’s main idea is that a qualified staff and modern equipment are just not sufficient and not everything a hospital should offer. Of no less importance are the attention and respect for patients. Unlike traditional models, this model includes a more active communication with the patient, not only with the attending physician, but also with other staff members of the hospital, personal care, collaboration and personal care, collaboration and provision of choice. The attending specialist takes into account patient’s individual needs and preferences, to recommend the best treatment.

MLADOST MEDICAL CENTRE is situated on the territory of the BURGAS Specialised Eye Hospital for Active Treatment. The centre has consulting rooms and surgeries for specialised eye care, cardiology, ear, nose, and throat (ENT), clinical laboratory and optics.

The doors of Burgas Eye Hospital and Mladost Medical Centre are open for you. Everyone who crosses our threshold becomes a part of our big family!


Burgas Eye Hospital and Mladost Medical Centre are long-time promoters of various campaigns and events, related to the prevention and awareness of socially significant eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, protection and prevention of children’s vision and others. The hospital conducts free screenings, which annually involve hundreds of patients from the Burgas Region.


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„I had been putting off the cataract operation for a long time out of fear that someone would touch my eyes. Besides the cataract I suffered from myopia and astigmatism. I had been wearing glasses since my youth and did not believe the doctor when he told me that I would be able to see without them. When I got off the operating table I asked “Is that all?” – I never felt any pain. After the surgery I do not wear glasses. I thank to the whole team that you changed my life!” viber-image
Petranka Kolevapatient operated for cataracts