About us

BURGAS Specialised Eye Hospital and MLADOST Medical Centre are opened in 2008. The idea to open a modern hospital in accordance with the European standards arises from the fact that the people from Burgas and the region for many years have been forced to seek specialised help in other cities. Here we have a clinic, hospital, laboratory and equipment that provide for the most modern medical care. Our patients can trust a highly qualified team that has proven its professionalism over the years. Expansion of the building, construction of two new floors and increased number of beds were necessitated by the growing number of people needing specialised medical care. The completion of the renovated building and supply of even newer equipment is expected in 2016.

Hospital rooms

BURGAS Specialised Eye Hospital has beds for the patients. Hospital rooms offer all the facilities and amenities for recovery after a surgical intervention. The staff of BURGAS Specialised Eye Hospital will take care for your comfort throughout the whole stay.


„I had been putting off the cataract operation for a long time out of fear that someone would touch my eyes. Besides the cataract I suffered from myopia and astigmatism. I had been wearing glasses since my youth and did not believe the doctor when he told me that I would be able to see without them. When I got off the operating table I asked “Is that all?” – I never felt any pain. After the surgery I do not wear glasses. I thank to the whole team that you changed my life!” viber-image
Petranka Kolevapatient operated for cataracts