In line with the world’s leading hospitals the Burgas Specialised Eye Clinic for Active Treatment and Mladost Medical Centre are equipped with ultra-modern equipment, some of which has only been available in the European market since 2015. The quality of the equipment is an important pre-condition for the excellent performance of specialists and the centre. The hospital uses techniques and equipment produced in Japan, USA, Germany, etc. This equipment allows early diagnostics of eye diseases like cataract, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and others and captures even the smallest deviations in the patient’s vision.

Besides examinations with standard ophthalmology equipment, we provide our patients with the opportunity to be diagnosed with the help of the latest methods and technologies in ophthalmology at a world level.

Devices used for the examinations:

A device used for fluorescein angiography or the so-called Colour Fundus Photography. Thanks to it the retina is examined in depth and not only “on the surface”.

A device used for examination of the peripheral vision. Determines the functionality of the visual field in percentages.

A device for determining the dioptre of the eye, as well as that of the intraocular lens.

The latest model of the Japanese company CANON – for computer measurement of the eye pressure with maximum precision.

The device owned by the Burgas Eye Hospital is the first of its kind ever imported in Bulgaria. New Japanese technology for biometric examination – contactless method for length of the eye and astigmatism measurement via infrared rays. Extremely valuable when planning a cataract surgery, as it calculates the dioptre of the intraocular lens, and plans the location of the incision.

Medical device used to measure the thickness of the eye’s cornea.

Hospital is equipped with:

The only one on the territory of Burgas region.

The laser actually “welds” the torn retina back in place. It is used for neutralisation of dangerous ischemic areas, most often for people with diabetes complications or at risk of retinal detachment.

Medical device used in cases of angle-closure glaucoma and secondary cataracts treatment

Unique eye scanner (most modern in Southeast Bulgaria) with the help of which via 3D scanning we detect diseases such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, etc. in their earliest stage.


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