With us for the first time

With your first visit with us you become a part of our big family!

Za parvi pat pri nas

Here you will find useful information on what a visit to the hospital looks like, what is needed, etc.

If you want to be examined by one of our specialists, it is necessary to make an appointment first. You can do this in the following ways:

– Telephone: 056/85 98 50, 0895 05 05 06

– via our contact form

– on place at the registration desk of the hospital in the P.R.Slaveykov residential complex, №174 (near the Mladost Sports Hall in the town of Burgas)

Our staff will assist you in choosing a convenient time for your appointment.

Upon arrival at the hospital we will meet at the registration desk. Our assistant will guide you to the doctor’s surgery. Eye examinations are carried out on the hospital’s ground floor. If you or your companions have difficulties moving, our staff will assist you and provide a wheelchair.

When it is your turn, the medical assistant from the office will invite you to enter. The primary examination by an eye specialist lasts for about 20 minutes. It includes:

– Computer-aided measurement of the refractive index

– Computer-aided contactless measurement of eye pressure

– Measuring visual acuity

– Ophthalmoscopy

– Biomicroscopy – dilated fundus examination

At ophthalmologist’s discretion dilation of fundus may be needed, after which you will not be able to see clearly for a few hours (usually 3 to 4 hours) or longer for the nearby objects. Our specialists will recommend you to restrain from driving with dilated pupils, as it can be dangerous for you. The pupils constrict completely to its normal state on the next day.

If you are in the hospital and need further information or assistance, you can contact our staff.

How to reach us

The building is located near the heart of Burgas in the P.R.Slaveykov residential complex №174 (near the Mladost Sports Hall). You can reach us by bus lines B2, B12, 15 and 3. If you travel from the out of town, you can find your way using the map in the Contacts menu.